An Inspirational Learning Environment For All


Vanessa Nursery School and Cathnor Park Children's Centre

Vanessa Nursery School, Vanessa Pre-School and Cathnor Park Children’s Centre’s Vision and values

We nurture happy, confident and independent children with learning and play at the centre of our curriculum and enthusiasm at the heart of everything we do. We build children’s confidence and a love of learning that prepares them for the future in an ever-changing world.

We aim to

Provide and promote;

  • A happy, safe and secure environment for children and adults
  • An environment which is stimulating and challenging to both children and adults and promotes learning for all
  • A range of experiences and resources that will promote and extend investigation, knowledge, understanding, skills and learning in all areas of development
  • An environment in which discussion and debate are encouraged and decisions are based on a shared understanding of need
  • An ethos in which children and adults are partners in learning

We believe that children

  • Are unique
  • Are strong and capable participants in their own learning
  • Are active learners with a need to move and express themselves
  • Bring their experiences, ideas and individual qualities to their environment
  • Are creative
  • Have a right to be included in all experiences
  • Deserve the highest quality learning experiences
  • Have a right to feel safe and secure
  • Have a right to be believed and trusted

We believe that parents are:

  • Their child’s advocate
  • Their children first and most consistent educator
  • Should be fully involved in planning for their child’s learning

We believe that the staff team are

  • The most valuable resource to support children’s learning and development at nursery
  • Are committed to providing the highest quality experience for all children
  • Are knowledgeable and insightful about child development and their key children in particular