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Social Need Admissions to Randolph Beresford Nursery

Criteria and Procedure for Social Need Admissions – Children aged 1 to 4 years

Criteria for Social Need places at Randolph Beresford – children aged 1 to 4 years

Children between the ages of 1 year and 4 years will be considered providing they meet the criteria set out below.


C1. Children who are subject to a child protection plan, child in need plan, subject to care proceedings or looked after by the local authority, children subject to an Early Help Plan or being supported by a family support worker

C2. Children with significant disabilities, developmental, health or behavioural problems with supporting evidence from professional involved (where additional adult support is required to enable a child to access the environment and learning these places will only be considered with contingency funding from SEND for the additional support or the child may take up more than one funded place- for example a child requiring one to one support that is aged 2 will take up 4 places)

C3-C6 - Children who live within households where 2 or more of these factors are having a significant impact upon their wellbeing, functioning/development or family wellbeing.

  1. Domestic violence (if still current then consultation with CAS required)
  2. Parental Mental health concerns
  3. Vulnerable young parent including if parent has been LAC
  4. Severe disability of main carer
  5. Chronic illness of main carer
  6. Parenting difficulties
  7. Social isolation
  8. Housing issues
  9. Financial stress
  10. Families affected by immigration or displacement issues
  11. Parent concerns regarding a child’s development but not requiring intervention or assessment by additional agency at this time

Referrals for children where families meet the criteria C3 to C6 must have met 2 or more of the criteria, these will be discussed at a monthly panel consisting of representatives from Children’s services, the nursery school and family support.

If you feel you meet this criteria and you have a Social Worker, then please aske them to complete an assessment and application with you.  If you do not have a Social Worker but have a Family Support Worker then please ask them to complete the assessment and application with you.  Once completed, please email your referral form to email address:

Social Need Referral Form: Social Need Referral Form


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