New Starters

The beginning of the school term is all about welcoming children back from the summer holidays and meeting the new children starting. For many of your children this will be their first experience of being away from their parent or carer. To enable children to feel safe and secure in the nursery we prioritise their settling during this next few weeks. Starting nursery is a big step for most children, that’s why we thing settling-in is really important. The time you spend helping your child to settle in will really benefit them in the long ruin. It will mean your child will be happier, more confident, learn better and enjoy nursery more.

We start children slowly, so thy can get lots of support and attention. We do not want them to have a bad first experience of school.

Different children will settle at different rates, the absolute minimum is 3 sessions. Most children will need more than this- some a lot more. During the ‘meet your key person’ meeting we will ask lots of questions about your child so that we can find out about their interests and needs. This will help us to help them.